Pine Belt residents work on Thanksgiving

By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG, MS ( WDAM) - While most of us were enjoying our Thanksgiving at home some were pulling 24 hour shifts, supplying people with their travel needs and some were fulfilling your sweet tooth needs before your turkey dinner.

Most people feel it would be horrible to work on a family oriented holiday such as Thanksgiving, but Shell cashier, Jasmine Phillips says it is not so bad.

"I guess it is not too bad since I work the 5:30a.m. to12:30p.m. shift. I will be home just in time to eat. so, I am ok," said Phillips.

Hattiesburg Fire Fighter, Roderick Crowell, says he would prefer to be with family but working on holidays is part of his job.

"Well, we are missing out. You know, it will be better to be at home with your family, but it is a part of your job so you just have to do it," said Crowell.

For Assistant Manager of Krispy Kreme, Chet Evans, he is glad to supply the community with their sweet tooth needs before the turkey dinner.

"Everybody wants donuts before Thanksgiving turkey. Well, of course we would all like to be home with our families but we do service for our community. We get a lot of people who come in . We are busy this morning," said Evans.

This Thanksgiving was not all bad for those who worked. The fire fighters  got together and fried a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner at the fire station.