Last Minute Shoppers Stock Up For Thanksgiving

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

With it being the day before Thanksgiving, grocery stores like Hattiesburg's Corner Market on Hardy Street are already filling up with folks getting last minute items. Although most were buying things they forgot, folks like Robert Dearman, were racking up on everything for a holiday feast.

Dearman says, "We're buying for about 40-45 people right now. We've got multiple hams, multiple turkeys, dressing, the trimmings, the whole nine yards....potato salads, sweet potato yams, gravy, green beans, pecan pie..."

And the consensus is that everyone, despite the economy, is filling up their carts. Cashier Emelie Lowrey says the shopping carts are starting to fill the aisles.

"It's busy! Everyone's getting last minute things for Thanksgiving. It's always like that."

When asked what she's seen people buying, Lowrey says, "Little things like forgetting cranberry sauce, forget onions or celery, something like that."

After asking around, other last minute items being snatched up are in the dessert section, which is sure to add a little sweetness and extra padding to whatever else you may be gobbling up. No matter how big your spread is, or what you may have forgotten, get ready to indulge this Thanksgiving.

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