Strick's Bar-B-Q Smokes Turkeys

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

Want that delicious turkey or ham for Thanksgiving, but don't have the time or room in the oven? Strick's barbecue on West 4th Street has the solution, and they've been doing it for 30 years!

Strick's offers customers the chance to take a break from cooking that holiday ham or bird by offering to smoke them for about 99 cents a pound. Pay a little more, and they'll furnish it for you. For a holiday that is generally centered around food, Owner Ken Strickland says they like to be able to offer a load off for their customers. The popularity of their offering has definitely grown in the past few years, and Strickland says the numbers don't lie in showing the holidays are the busiest time of the year.

Strickland says, "During the Thanksgiving holidays, we generally cook about 1500 hams and turkeys during about a four day period, so it keeps us kinda busy. And it takes about six hours, roughly, to cook a batch of turkeys, six to eight, depending on the amount. We can cook 60 at a time on each grill, we've gout 4 grills, so we can really get busy with it."

Strick's Bar-B-Q is open until 7pm tonight and will be closed until Monday to give their employees a well deserved holiday break.

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