Restraining order offers first glimpse into what happened at the Hunt Club

The restraining order and a sworn statement from  Remington's Hunt Club owners is the first and only glimpse into what happened during the early morning hours Sunday.

According to statements in the order, the Hunt Club had 20 security guards on duty, all of whom are well trained and experienced and work for local law enforcement agencies.  According to the statement, the incident occurred in the parking lot and not inside the club.  The order says security guards were attempting to break up the altercation when shots were fired.

WDAM has tried repeatedly to get the full incident report from the Hattiesburg police department but so far our attorneys have been unsuccessful in obtaining a copy, which under law is public access. The only copy we have received is a report with the names of the subjects arrested for accessory after the fact....but no narrative as to the actual incident.

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