JCJC Students Winterize Cattle

by Kelly Bryant

Jones County Junior College Animal Science Professor Tim Ishee is at it again. Instead of learning about pigs, the students herded to the Hinton Conestoga Cattle Farm. Each student was given the opportunity to beef up their veterinary skills by giving deworming shots and vaccines to more than a hundred 4 hooved patients.

Ishee says his labs not only benefit the farms they work on, his main goal is in exports, but not the kind you might be thinking of. "What these students learn, they can take and apply and go to other countries, because the thing we can't do, we can't feed the whole world, but we can export knowledge. And that's one of the great things about what they're learning here. They can take it and teach it to other people and that helps us to try to stave of all hunger across the world."

Each student was either given the task of moving the cows along, or administering the shots to prepare the herd for the winter months.

Student Kaylyn Tarver says these one of a kind labs are more than just a learning experience, they are once in a lifetime. "Just being around the cows, I'm not really used to it... I've never given shots or anything."

Ishee says because of small class sizes, hands on training becomes the advantage not received at a larger school. The labs are training intensive and Ishee feels the students benefit from working directly with the animals. He says, "They're giving all the shots. They're giving all the medicine, they're weighing, they're doing everything. So, it's practical application. We're taking them out of the classroom and actually letting them get their hands on the animals."

One thing is certain, with Ishee's animal science success rate, these students usually move up fast.