WDAM Viewpoint- Tail Wagging the Dog

Can there possibly be anyone in this country who doesn't know by now that smoking cigarettes can lead to a premature and very unpleasant demise—not to mention a number of very terrible diseases and conditions?

I would wager that even everyone who smokes is aware of the potential consequences for them and those around them. Explicit warning labels have been on cigarette packages for decades…and the message has been stressed in every possible way.

Yet, the FDA is now proposing that cigarette companies be required to place even more graphic warnings along with somewhat gruesome pictures on their products just in case we haven't gotten the message.

In San Francisco a law was passed, but after an outcry later vetoed by the mayor to prohibit McDonald's from putting toys in their "Happy Meals" because the food might make the kids fat or something,  if their parents bought it for them.

Certainly, I am no fan of cigarettes and many folks could probably do a better job of cutting down on the fast food in their families diets.  But why does the government have to keep getting more and more intrusive in our lives.  Do they assume we are all totally clueless and have to have a "nanny-state" to protect us from ourselves?

Yet the director of Homeland Security is talking about exempting Muslim women in Burkas from being examined like the rest of us in airports.  I think the tail may well be wagging the dog.

Let us know what you think.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.