Man finds spirituality; confesses to a 16-year-old murder

David Stamps
David Stamps

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COVINGTON COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - When David Joe Stamps, 53, walked in to the Booneville Police Department Monday, no one was really prepared for what he was about to say.

"An individual had come into the Booneville Police Department and confessed to them that he had committed a murder about 16 years ago in Covington County," said Covington County Sheriff Ben Ford.

After a surprising phone call, Ford says his chief deputy and an investigator with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations drove the 4 and a half hours North, to pick up Stamps and bring him back.

"We went to the scene that the individual led us to and discovered human remains," said Ford.

Those 16-year-old remains of a man were found in the woods behind a home on Lowery Road in a shallow grave. Ford says Stamps did give investigators a name for the victim, but the remains are not yet officially identified.

The cause of death Ford says, is possibly blunt force trauma.

"They just got in an argument, which led a fight," said Ford.

The victim in this case, who Ford says was 36 at the time, was never even reported missing, and there's a possible reason.

"Sort of a transient life and no family so he was pretty much alone," said Ford.

Ford says Stamps, who grew up in Covington County, led a transient life as well and was in and out of jail, but does still have family living in the county, a family now stunned with the confession.

"Pretty much in shock and awe as any family member would be, you know, you don't want to think one of your family members would commit such an act," said Ford.

It's an act, which may have never even been know about if it wasn't for Stamps' newly found spirituality.

"He advised us that he had been saved and had something that he had to get off his conscious and so he just wanted to clear his conscience and move on with his life," said Ford.

Stamps is now in the Covington County Jail, charged with murder. After a court appearance Wednesday his bond was set at $1.25 million.

The skeletal remains of the victim are being sent to a crime lab for official identification.

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