Kohler engine powers New York man cross country

By Jeff Daley jdaley@wdam.com

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A New York City man recently completed a journey across country on a Craftsman Garden Tractor powered by a Kohler engine built at the companies Hattiesburg plant.

Lucas Van Engen was hired by Craftsman to make the 3300 mile journey in a unique way to test the durability of the tractor.

The trip took him from Santa Monica California to New York City with several stops along the way.

He was on the road 10 to 15 hours a day traveling at 7 miles an hour. He completed the trip in 99 days and had a few hiccups along the way. But the tractor and the Kohler engine performed admirably.

"450 hours we logged on it and as for the tractor, it has turf saveR tires so the tire tread actually wore down. The wheels would come off at inopportune moments, and we had to constantly maintain it, said Van Engen. "But neither the tractor nor the engine broke down. Amazingly it made it and kept on cutting grass at the end of the trip."

"Creates a Tremendous amount pf pride for the folks here," said Rob Kraus, V.P. for Operations, Kohler Engines. "They are thrilled to have their name on a product that gets this publicity and haS this kind of performance and durability."

Van Englen visited the Hattiesburg Plant Thursday to celebrate the success of the engine with Kohler management and their more than 450 employees.

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