WDAM Viewpoint- Suicide Prevention Month

November 10, 2010

It has often been quipped that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  But it is much more complex than any glib quote might indicate.   Every 16 minutes a person in this country commits suicide.   Americans are taking their own lives at a higher rate than ever.  Depression and despair are the root causes of course…but the triggers can be any number of things.  November is "Suicide Prevention Month" and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is having community walks, including one in Hattiesburg this Saturday,  called "Out of the Darkness" to raise awareness and money to prevent suicide and save lives through vital research and education programs and to assist survivors of suicide loss.  Seven on Your Side's Sherry Falk is doing a two-part story on the subject tonight and tomorrow in our 6 PM newscasts.  Let me issue a personal appeal.  If you have been entertaining thoughts of suicide—or suffering from the feeling that life just isn't worth living anymore there is help.  Please talk to someone.  Talk to a mental heath professional…a doctor…a clergyman…a councilor…a family member or friend.  You don't have to fight this problem alone.  People want to help and no one wants to see you harm yourself.  Reach out to someone now.  If you know someone who you fear is susceptible to suicide…don't remain silent.  Talk to them…get some help.  Suicide is a terrible and irrevocable thing.