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How bullying has changed over the years

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email | Twitter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -   Bullying in school is a problem that continues to grow. Teens are going to extreme ends because of their peers. Principal of Hattiesburg's Grace Christian Elementary School, Debra Large said bullying is major problem but sometimes people don't even recognize it.

Large said "Sometimes we don't even realize that there are problems, they hide them so easily. And sometimes children don't want you to think that they telling on their classmates or whatever. When a child feel like they are been threaten or when they can't defend themselves, then that's bullying."

According statistics from  90 percent of forth through eighth graders report being victims of bullying. 39 percent of middle school students and 36 percent of high school students say they don't feel safe on campus.

Hattiesburg Chief Resource Officer, Tony Davis, said those numbers don't surprise him.

He said face to face bullying has been around for years but cyber bullying starts at home and ends up on the schoolyard.

Davis said "Just this morning we had a case of cyber bullying. Two girls were arguing over this young man. He actually set it up. He would tell one this and the other one that, three way them on the phone. Let one hear the other one talk about the other one and then they put some stuff on face-book about one another. Then we called him in, and found out what he had done and he ended up getting suspended. The two girls were able to talk it out, they are friends again but he is suspended for 3 days."

But in some cases the fighting and picking goes on and on until it brings a child to a breaking point which can even lead to suicide.

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