Columbia Murder Suspect Arrested

By Kelly Bryant – email | bio

All that's left at the corner of Nathan Street and Kings Avenue is a bloody reminder of a weekend murder which one family says they just don't understand.

Ella Mingo, a relative of Brown, says "He was slaughtered for absolutely no reason at all. All we want is justice. We want the max and we won't settle for less."

Living about 50 yards from the murder scene, the family of 29-year-old Charles Brown who was gunned down during a drive-by shooting Saturday evening says it was sparked from an argument a month or two ago between Brown and his alleged killer Brandon Grindle.

Mingo said, "You have no right to take somebody's life because you don't like that person."

"The line's gotta be drawn somewhere. This violence--because you get mad at somebody, it don't give you no reason to take a person's life. Why take something that you can't give back?"

After the shooting, police say Grindle was on the run. A tip soon led police to his parents' home where he was believed to have been hiding out. Grindle later turned himself in, and police aren't stopping there.

Detective Chris Brumfield of the Columbia Police Department says they are still looking into the investigation, "We're still trying to find potential witnesses that may have been in the area, that may have observed something or seen anything that may be vital to our investigation."

Once arrested, Grindle was charged with murder.  Meanwhile, family members of Charles Brown are thankful the hunt for his alleged killer is over, but the painful reminder will always be right outside their door.

Relatives told us, "I hate it... and I just don't care right now, I'm angry and I want to see justice done...and I mean it."

"Whatever they do to him it won't bring Charles back. We want justice, we want justice."