City employees in Lumberton almost did not get paid

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email | Twitter

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - Lumberton city employees almost didn't get their paychecks this week because the town's mayor refused to sign the checks.

This after the board of aldermen overrode her vetoes that would have prevented pay cuts from going into effect.

Employees did get paid Thursday but only after Lumberton's mayor pro-tem was called in to sign the checks.

Seven on your side is told Mayor Miriam Holder didn't sign checks as usual on Thursday.  There has been on ongoing battle between the mayor and the board over pay cuts for employees.

The board voted to reduce the salaries of some employees to save 35,000 dollars, including reducing the pay of the mayor and aldermen to a dollar a month.

Holder vetoed the pay cuts last month and this week the board re-instated them.

Holder was unavailable for comment.  Thursday's pay checks only included one day of the reduced rate for affected employees.

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