To cut, or not to cut?

By Karrie Leggett – email | bio

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)-   According to Provost Bob Lyman, the University of Southern Mississippi has begun appeals hearings to determine which programs will remain at the institution.

"We have been meeting for approximately two weeks. Every Tuesday and Thursday to hear program elimination appeals," said Lyman.

During these hearings Provost Lyman says the appeals panel will evaluate the all 28 programs  at risk of being cut.

"We present to the appeals panel the rationale  that the executive cabinet had in mind when they recommended elimination of the program. Then representatives of the program present a differing view and present a case for keeping the program," said Lyman.

The appeals hearing for the program is phase one . The appeals hearings for the elimination of faculty and staff will be phase two.

"They can appeal on the bases of seniority that perhaps someone else's position should be eliminated instead of theirs. They can appeal that their involvement is primarily with a different program than the one that is being eliminated. Those sorts of things," said Lyman.

With the end result being the termination of certain programs, the university is trying to reduce the effect this will have on students.

"We have promised to teach out the programs that are eliminated. So, programs that students that are currently enrolled in majors will be able to finish their career here in those majors," said Lyman.

With many tough decision to make the appeals panel will be holding hearings through February 2011.

"We'll begin with the necessary personnel appeals after the first of the year."

Provost Lyman says these cuts will have a devastating effect on the university, so they hope to make the right choices during eliminations.

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