Pickup crashes into fence, driver leaves money and flees

By Jeff Daley - jdaley@wdam.com

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The driver of a Ford F-150 crashed into a wooden fence on Pine View Church Road near the Powers Community late Wednesday night and then fled in another vehicle.

Before he left the scene he left the heavily damaged truck where it crashed along with a note and some cash to fix the fence.

A passerby reported the accident to the authorities early Thursday morning. He reported the driver and a child occupant left the scene after leaving the note and the money.

The landowner had to make emergency repairs to the fence to keep livestock from getting out. Firefighters said the driver and child were fortunate not to have been seriously injured as, according to the passerby, the truck narrowly missed a power pole.

One of the wooden fence rails was impaled in the grill and radiator of the truck, and it struck the engine block with heavy force.

Authorities say they are looking for the unidentified driver.

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