WDAM Viewpoint- Election Day

Any way you care to look at it, tomorrow's election will be an historic one.  Not perhaps as historic as the one 2 years ago that swept our first African-American president, Barack Obama, into office…but historic nonetheless.

Our country has deep problems and deep divisions.  We have massive debt and chronically high unemployment.  The bill passed to overhaul this country's health care is hugely controversial and many are calling for its repeal.  Taxation and concerns about the future of Social Security and Medicare are on everyone's mind.  Communist China is making us look third rate economically and we are still at war…both on the ground and against the shadowy specter of worldwide Islamic terrorism.  People are worried about the present and the future and are increasingly skeptical in the government's ability to really make things better.  But now is not the time to give up on our great democracy.  America's best days could still be ahead.  But it will take the involvement of the citizenry and the willingness to hold all those we send to Washington accountable for the direction their leadership takes us.

The first and perhaps most important step is casting an informed ballot Tuesday, November 2nd.  We have had plenty of time to hear what the candidates have to say and study their records.  I hope you have done your best.  Now, regardless of the weather or whatever commitments you may have, please don't neglect to go vote.  How you choose to vote is up to you…just be sure and vote for who you think the best person is.  It really is critical.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.  Let us hear from you.