The city of Hattiesburg has safety tips for Halloween

By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -   Halloween is right around the corner and that means it's the perfect time to bring out those costumes.

"G. I. Joe, Batman, Spider man. Usual kind of stuff."

Those are just some of the things Eddie Demelia says  are selling fast at the Ultimate Party Place this Halloween for kids.

"Toy Story stuff has really been selling pretty well too. The girls mostly wanting a lot of the Barbie and Disney princess costumes," said Demelia.

The popular adult costumes range from best selling video games to a scare crow.

"We had the Halo costume from the video game and it was kind of expensive and it is gone completely, and so is the gecko from Geico," said Demelia.

Before you Spidermen and Iron Men go out for the big night. Public Relations Coordinator for the City of Hattiesburg, Jeannetta Bennett,  has some safety tips for you.

"We are encouraging everybody to drive slower. Be careful. Watch for pedestrians, and as you are trick or treating with your family were asking that you may even put some reflective tape on your kids costume," said Bennett.

All kids must be accompanied by an adult , and another tip is be careful with who you receive candy from.

"Do not go anywhere where you do not know the people that you are going to be receiving candy from. Don't take anything unless it is wrapped. We recommend that you check your kids candy before they devour into it," said Bennett.

Bennett also recommends bringing a flash light to shine towards cars so trick or treaters can be seen.