Hattiesburg Public Schools start campus Crime Stoppers

By Karrie Leggett – email | bio

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -   Hattiesburg Public School District held a press conference today along with Hattiesburg High, city, and state leaders to announce the formation of Campus Crime Stoppers, the first program in the state of Mississippi for students. Diane James, Coordinator of Metro Crime Stoppers, says that students can report anonymously to Campus Crime Stoppers.

"Crime stoppers is a tool that kids can use. Its that number 582-stop... 582-7867. They can call to report bullying, any violence anything bad at their school they can call and report it anonymously. They are not taped or traced or anything like that," said James.

Sgt. Alan Murray says members of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety's Crime Stoppers Division and the Hattiesburg Police Department are working with the school district to make this program a success.

"Usually in school districts across the nation we wait until the last minute before things are actually addressed as they should be and Hattiesburg public schools has taken the first step to make sure that if anything were to happen we have an avenue of escape to utilize to make sure we fix the problem," said Murray.

Hattiesburg's Public School District is gearing this program completely to the students. So much so, that Aaron Watson, a junior at Hattiesburg High, says he and other students are serving on the Campus Crime Stoppers Board of Directors.

"Our role is to one ensure what crime stoppers stands for. To make sure each call is anonymous, and student safety. It is an opportunity for us to protect and help out our campus and give our children that right to ensure that they feel safe on campus," said Watson.

The student board will begin spreading the word about the program to the student body immediately.

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