Taylor and Hampton attend candidate forum, Palazzo a no-show

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Folks in Hattiesburg got a chance this afternoon to hear from two of the candidates for the Fourth Congressional District seat. The third was a no-show.

Hosted by the AARP the candidate forum, held at Hattiesburg's Sigler Center, provided a chance for questions to be asked and answered directly from the candidates. Incumbent Gene Taylor and challenger Tim Hampton were the only two who showed up. Steven Palazzo's campaign called and canceled saying he had a "personal emergency".

Meanwhile, it was all eyes on Taylor and Hampton for about an hour and a half.

"I really hope that they get to see that I actually have some good ideas, that I am a legitimate candidate and that voting for me is not a wasted vote, that they can actually vote who's a principled candidate who will actually make some meaningful change in Washington," said Hampton.

"It's what representative democracy is all about, getting an opportunity to visit with the citizens, let them ask their questions, their concerns and in those instances where they really weren't aware of something, help make them aware of what's going on," said Taylor.

When asked about party affiliations in Washington, Taylor said he may be a Democrat but votes independently of any party. Hampton, a Libertarian, said it's because of both parties that the country is in the shape it's in and it's time for new representation in Congress.

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