"Get out to Vote" Tea Party in Laurel

By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - There are only a few days until the November 2nd election and Tea Parties are encouraging people to get out and vote.

Several people attended the "Get Out and Vote" Tea Party held at the Jones County Courthouse in Laurel this afternoon. Those who attended heard from Steven Palazzo and Senator Chris Mcdaniel speaking on the importance of this upcoming election.

Palazzo shared with us his opinion on the election and what he hopes the outcome will be November 3rd.

"On November 3rd when conservatism is restored to the U.S. Congress I think you are going to hear and see a collective sigh of relief all across this country. I think you are going to see small businesses looking to expand and hire again. You are going to see the tax cuts made permanent. You are going to see the health care bill repealed and replaced with a better version of the health care that we need, not taking over one sixth of the economy and creating 20,000 new IRS agents," said Palazzo.

Representative Becky Currie was also scheduled to speak, but could not attend.

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