VIewpoint - What is Victory?

In yesterday's web poll, Seven On Your Side asked respondents whether or not they thought the United States should bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

This week we have had stories on the homecoming of the body of Sgt. Eric Newman of Waynesboro who recently died in action in that war.

Several hundred of you came to and voted and I found the results somewhat surprising.  86 percent of you said, "Yes, it's time to bring our troops home."  Only 14 percent said we should stay.

No doubt there are a number of reasons for this.  Not just in this war, but in every war we've fought since World War II- victory has been a murky concept.  I think probably people wonder just what victory is supposed to look like in Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda has moved and metastasized in to Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia - in fact throughout the world. The Taliban is made up of bad folks - but telling the good guys from the bad in a place as complex as Afghanistan is often a matter of degree. If we are fighting to establish a centralized government that resembles a democracy in a country who has never had such in centuries of existence and whose allegiances lie first with families, villages, clans and war lords whose main cash crop is heroin we may well be on a fool's errand.

Certainly other world powers have tried and failed to impose their will over the centuries there to no avail.  But, for what ever the reason, though not scientific, I think those poll results are telling.  A lot of folks think it is time to stop spending our blood and treasure in the wastelands of Afghanistan.

But never forget - people can support our military and the war on terror and still doubt the wisdom of specific actions.

I'm Jim Cameron and we'd like to hear what you think.

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