Hattiesburg woman's body found

By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) -  Alyne Carson was last seen Monday morning before she left her home in Forrest County.

Hattiesburg Police started their search for her Tuesday and Wednesday morning that search ended in Perry County according to Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith.

"Hattiesburg P.D.  had informed us that they had received information that the missing van that was reported in Hattiesburg. It was released on the news last night. It was found at the holliman cemetary here in new augusta. We went to the scene and found the woman that was missing at the scene," Sheriff Smith.

Sheriff Smith says Carson was not in her car and a weapon was found at the scene.

"She was outside the car inside the cemetery,deceased. At this time we are waiting on the autopsy report from Jackson to let us know the outcome of it," said Smith.

Alyne Carson was a wife and mother of four. She was known in the community for her work with girls scout and the mayors youth council.  Before Alyne Carson's body was found seven on your side spoke to Carson's husband, Alton Carson, who says he didn't start worrying until his wife missed appointments Monday.

"She was scheduled to pick up the grand babies from the daycare and she did not get a chance to do that. She had a girl scout meeting scheduled that night and she did not get to that. Really the girl scout thing was the one that really allowed me to come to a conclusion that something was wrong," said Carson.

During the interview Alton describe his wife.

"Wonderful person. 38 years. The love of my life," said Carson.

Alyne Carson death is still under investigation by the Perry County Police.