Senator Roger Wicker visits the Ellisville Rotary Club

By Sheri Falk - bio | email | Twitter

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Senator Roger Wicker was at the Ellisville Rotary Club meeting Monday where the topic of discussion was the future of health care and federal spending.

Wicker is traveling around the state to meet with communities while Congress is not in session. Several Rotary members had questions regarding the new health care bill.

Wicker said, "It's a bill with a lot of hidden taxes," and he hopes lawmakers will repeal it so they can go back to the drawing board and replace it with something more market-driven.

Wicker also touched on the national debt stating, "The country has gone on a spending spree for the last two to three years and we need to try to leave the next generation a debt that is at least manageable."

Wicker said, "One of the things we are going to face at the state level is tax increases, because of what the healthcare bill has mandated in the form of medicaid on the states. There is just no question that the state of Mississippi's budget cannot absorb the additional costs mandated from Washington D.C."

As for the November 2 election, Wicker said he thinks there is a good chance Republicans will win the majority in the house and senate.

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