WDAM Viewpoint - Chilean Miners Rescue

Often it seems as though we talk mostly about people in conflict.

That's why it was so refreshing to see people coming together for an innovative and successful rescue of the 33 Chilean miners trapped for over 2 months below 2000 feet of rock.  For 17 days after the cave in they were assumed dead.  Once communication was established and it was known that all the men were alive and well, having subsisted on a small amount of tuna fish and milk the call went out.  The President of Chile reached out to the entire world for help.  Not just governments either…but the private sector as well.  No rescue of this magnitude had ever been attempted.

A drilling company in Pennsylvania had an idea.  All the normal bureaucracy was shoved aside and the government of Chile and the private company worked out the technology.  A shaft was bored through 2000 feet of rock and a one man capsule was developed to bring them up one man at a time.  All 33 men were brought up to the eyes and tears of the world and their loved ones.  Some have likened the feat to the Moon landing.  It shows what people can do when they come together for a common humanitarian purpose.  Certainly, there are countless lessons that will be learned from this successful endeavor on many levels for a long time to come.

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