Hattiesburg mayor reveals four police officers have resigned

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mayor Johnny Dupree has issued an official statement about the resignation of several Hattiesburg police officers.

The statement reads:

"The City of Hattiesburg Police Department has been investigating the adherence to standard operating procedures. There have been findings of improper handling of evidence and poor record keeping. Four resignations have been submitted to the Human Resources Division. The investigation is continuing within the special operations units in the Police Department.  "

The resignations come as a result of an internal investigation at the Hattiesburg Police Department.

Many of the officers are members of the department's STRIKE team - a specially trained crime suppression unit formed in 2008.

Officials say at least three officers failed polygraph tests, and at least one of the allegations involves $3,500 in missing money confiscated from a suspect under arrest.

The police department is not commenting on the case.

Chief Frazier Bolton, through a spokesman for the city, said it was a personnel issue, and some officers would be disciplined.

This is the second internal investigation at HPD in the last two months.

10 people were arrested in August of 2010 and charged with breaking into the police department. Five had direct access to the building and three were city employees. That investigation is ongoing.

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