Laurel fire rating is in jeopardy

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email | Twitter

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The City of Laurel is dangerously close to losing its class five fire rating.

This according to a recent letter from the Mississippi State Rating Bureau.

A September 28th letter says the latest survey and re-grading puts the city's fire department dangerously close to losing its current status unless there is an improvement in 10 different areas.

Laurel Chief Administrator Dennis Keveryn said he is confident that improvements will be made.

"We maintained our classification of five, which we had," said Keveryn. "There are some things we have to do to keep that, which we are in the process of doing."

The city has been ordered to maintain an annual inspection and operation program for all fire hydrants and gate valves.

They must also relocate station #5.

Keveryn said "We have been waiting to see if we get a $200,000 grant, which we should hear any minute now; we're just on pins and needles waiting to here back on that."

The city has also been ordered to put their firefighters through several hours of training. The letter went on to add they must make sure that the departments training officers and fire inspector are certified.

Keveryn said the city has already started training.

Meanwhile the city is also required to purchased two new fire trucks.

Keveryn said one truck was delivered last week.

He said "We got a new truck and a new pump. We have to have another one in a year or two, which we will be ordering next year for the deliver the following year, so that will get us up to date on our trucks."

Keveryn said the city will not lose it fire rating; however, if they should insurance premiums for property owners will increase.

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