SafetyWeb co-founders: Spy on your kids without really spying

CALIFORNIA (WDAM) - Cyber-bullies and online predators aren't the only dangers to your children when it comes to their online contact.

SafetyWeb, an online service launched by two fathers, is designed to help parents monitor their children's internet activity -- without actually standing behind them or looking over their shoulders.  "Things are changing so quickly, they are on this social network, then this one, then they are tweeting. How do I keep up?" Geoffrey Arone, SafetyWeb co-founder, said.

Arone and Michael Clark say SafetyWeb can help parents to see who their kids are hanging out with online -- and what information they're posting and sharing with the rest of the world.  Alerts are sent when activity or language raises red flags.

SafetyWeb can also monitor your child's cell phone activity.  Subscription to SafetyWeb costs $10 a month or $100 a year.

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