Personhood debate reached Hinds County court

By Ashley Conroy

HINDS COUNTY, (WDAM) - The controversial debate over "personhood" reached the Hinds County court Thursday.

Personhood would formally define someone at the moment of conception. Currently, there is no definition written in the Mississippi State Bill of Rights as to when a person has rights.

This issue challenges Roe vs. Wade and opposing groups say it is unconstitutional to challenge the state bill of rights.

The judge has yet to make a decision as to which party he is in favor of, but both sides they will appeal to the State Supreme Court.

Personhood is set to be on the November 2011 ballot after the Secretary of State's Office confirmed enough valid signatures to petition this issue.

The lawsuit is being brought against Les Riley (the orchestrator of Personhood), and Secretary of State Dilbert Hosemann, for approving this to go on the ballot.