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WDAM Viewpoint- USM Centennial Homecoming

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October 5, 2010

This Saturday marks the "Centennial Homecoming" for the University of Southern Mississippi.

That is significant in so many ways.  One hundred years ago when a college for teachers only opened up on Hardy Street both Ole Miss and Mississippi State were already universities.  Who would have thought that within a century the little college would have grown to compete with those two legacy universities and be one of the top three in the state?  At the same time, who would have imagined the over all growth of the state south of Jackson, not just from a population standpoint, but economically and culturally as well.  There is no doubt that USM and South Mississippi have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship.

Growing up in the Hattiesburg Area, I well remember the homecoming parades every year in downtown Hattiesburg. Well this Saturday morning at 10:00 the Southern Miss homecoming parade returns downtown.  We congratulation USM on celebrating their 100th anniversary and wish the Golden Eagles the best as they take on East Carolina this Saturday.  I'm Jim Cameron write and let us know what's on your mind.