Chaos brings Lumberton Aldermen meeting to abrupt halt

By Jeff Daley – email

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - Lumberton City officials never officially got their meeting started Tuesday evening, and four board members walked out.

Just after the meeting was brought to order, Mayor Miriam Holder asked if she could address the public over several issues. A motion was made for her to speak, but no second motion followed.  Nevertheless, Holder began to speak, going into a wide range of issues for 20 minutes.

While,Mayor Holder was speaking, Alderman Tim Johnson objected multiple times, stating no second motion had been made therefore what she was doing was illegal. Holder insisted as Mayor she had the right to be heard by the public and would not be silenced.

From there, disorder escalated with citizens speaking out of turn.  Ultimately four of the five board members walked out.

You can watch 16 minutes of video from the meeting here at

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