Swedish investors could help boost South Mississippi's economy

By Sheri Falk - bio | email | Twitter

Jones County, MS (WDAM) - Haglof Corporation, the world leader in forestry technology may open new doors of opportunity in the Pine belt.

Swedish investor and CEO Ingvar Haglof,  has partnered with Jones County Junior College for a number of years by showcasing the companies latest forestry equipment to students seeking technical training, as well as  forester's from all over the United States.

"We have selected this part of the U.S.  because it  is very similar to Sweden. Nearly 70% of the area is covered by trees and we have the same situation."

Haglof and other Swedish investors were at the Whitehead Advanced Technology Center Tuesday inquiring about space to bring additional business opportunities to South Mississippi. President of Jones County Junior College Jesse Smith joined the Foreign investors at the technology Center and said the relationship with Haglov is great for the students as well as the County.

" A lot of the local harvest ors are out of business because they cannot afford the increasing costs for equipment. So, you bring in these advanced techniques this company uses and you reinvigorate the economy that you already have. At the same time students are being taught the latest techniques making it a long sustainable market."

 Haglof already has one U.S. operation in Madison, MS.

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