WDAM Viewpoint- Congressional Debate

As we have mentioned, the political race that is generating the most interest throughout much of South Mississippi is the one for the 4th District Congressional seat.  Long time Democrat incumbent Gene Taylor is facing his biggest challenge in many years against Republican opponent Steven Palazzo.  Both campaigns are well financed and it could go down to the wire given the import placed on these mid-term elections around the nation.

Both candidates are natives of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  WDAM—along with our sister station WLOX—have offered them the opportunity to debate live on the air for one hour.  We feel it is important to get past the surface charges and counter charges and get to the heart of what both men have to say about the issues that concern us all.  We make this offer so that you, the people, can compare their stands on matters of substance.

So far, efforts to get agreement on all the particular demands of the two campaigns have proved  impossible.  While we respect the political sensitivities and strategic concerns expressed by the campaigns, we feel the people's right to know should be the over-riding concern.

It is our hope that the differences between the camps can be overcome so that the debate can indeed become a reality.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.  Let us know what you think.