Parents find cool ways to get kids to eat healthy

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Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM) - Moms and dads have been trying to make healthy food appetizing to kids for years. It's a constant battle to come up with creative ways to disguise it.

Moms are constantly cooking healthy meals that kids refuse to eat. How do you make food appetizing to finicky young eaters?

According to Bolthouse Farms President, Jeff Dunn, "we've gotta change the rules, we've gotta be more innovative, we've gotta make it fun."

California-based Bolthouse Farms and other carrot farmers have teamed up to market carrots like junk food.

By combining splashy packaging with a hip, even sexy online presence to get the attention of teens.

"The kids have told us funny enough that when they eat baby carrots in this new packaging, they taste better."

The baby carrot campaign is also testing carrot vending machines in high schools but even what kids bring to school for lunch is getting a makeover.

"my kids loooove food on a stick!"

Anh Nguyen a working mother of four feels "the packed lunch is an art form. She makes sandwiches in shapes like a dolphin.

"Kids like to play with toys and food and when it looks pretty cool they want to try it."

Food branding specialist Dr. Brian Wansink tested the theory of making carrots cool on a group of 4 year olds. Boosting the intrigue by calling them "x-ray vision carrots."

"They're still the same basic carrot but what we found is that kids were 40% more likely to take and eat them if they had the silly little label."

The new baby carrot marketing campaign will hit stores nationwide before Halloween when stores will start carrying "scarrots."

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