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June 16, 2003

Laurel Authorities Bust Suspected Meth Lab

Laurel narcotics officers busted two people accused of making methamphetamine in a shed behind their house. Officers charged Kevin McGee, 28 and Kristen Hancock, 21, with conspiracy to manufacture crystal meth. In Friday night's raid, police say they found a meth lab in a small shed hidden in the woods behind the house on Ellisville Boulevard. They took special precautions to clean up the lab because meth ingredients are toxic and volatile. According to Laurel Police Investigator Trea Staples, "Once we got in and we found the meth lab we kind of secured the perimeter around the shed where it was found and backed out and called in the D.E.A. who sent a clean up team to take care of the chemicals." The two suspects are free on $10,000 bond.