Laurel-Jones County Library could lose state funding

By Ontario Richardson – bio | email | Twitter

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Laurel-Jones County Library could loss state funding because of the $40,000 the city of Laurel cut from the library's yearly appropriation in 2010.

The city did not give that money back, and now some library workers could be searching for a job next year.

The Director of the Laurel Jones County Library is heart broken because four of 11 employees could become unemployed in 2012.

Mary Louise Breland said the library stands to lose its state funding because the decrease in finance backing.

Breland said, "The county met last year's budget. The city of Ellisville met last year's budget. And Sanderville I believe is going to meet what they promised us last year. Laurel is giving us the same amount they gave us last year which was when we received the $40,000 reduction. So we again are more or less receiving a $40,000 reduction."

But Laurel Chief Administrative Officer Dennis Keveryn said it's nothing the city can do to help the library keep it's funding.

People need to understand that 34 cents of every dollar that the Jones County supervisors give the library comes from the citizens of Laurel, so Laurel is giving much more than a $100,000."

Now there is a county-wide levy set by supervisor for the library at point 85 mils but are eligibly for 4 mil.

Nevertheless, Breland said she isn't worried about which entity gives the money but hopes politics doesn't cause the quality education to suffer.

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