WDAM Viewpoint- Get involved...register to vote

September 23, 2010

I have to admit…doing another editorial urging people to register and vote...is not the most exciting subject to tackle.   But frankly, I don't know when there has been as much concern, and even alarm, expressed for such a wide variety of issues in our nation.  People on all sides of the political spectrum feel passionately about these issues and most are getting a steady diet of talk about them from all the media.  People are quite polarized and opinionated these days.  Getting involved and informed is a good thing.  For a representative democracy such as ours to work there must be an informed and involved electorate.  But just listening to talk shows, going to rallies, staging demonstrations, or even reading up on the issues is not involvement enough.  The most effective act of involvement you can take is, to making sure you are registered, and then actually taking the time to go to the polls and voting on election day.  Off-year elections are notorious for low voter turnout.  But here in the 4th Congressional District of Mississippi we have—among other important races—a hotly contested race for a seat in the U.S. House.  Long time incumbent Democrat Gene Taylor is being challenged by well backed challenger Republican Steve Palazzo.  Every vote will be important…so register now and vote November 2nd.  I'm Jim Cameron with Viewpoint.