Children's Shelter to Host Fundraising Benefit

It's nothing new that local businesses are struggling to make ends meet in a tough economy. This is especially true for charity and non-profit organizations, like the Safe Place Children's Shelter of South Mississippi.

Each child that is placed in the shelter is allotted $55 per day to meet their needs, but the actual cost of living for a child is more than two thirds that amount, so organizations resort to fundraisers, community support, and promotions from within.

However, they are taking action to make the money to meet their needs. Each year, the agency holds two charity events to raise money for the shelter. Right now, the advisory board for the South Mississippi Children's Shelter is working overtime to prepare for their first fundraiser, scheduled for next Friday, October 1st, from 7-10pm. The benefit will host a wine tasting, silent auction, and live music to help promote awareness and raise money for the cause.

Last year, this particular event hosted almost 300 people and the agency was able to raise over $26,000 for the shelter. They are anticipating the same, if not a better, outcome than last year.