Wayne County police arrest several in drug roundup

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WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - They made a list and checked it twice, then delivered a blow to the alleged drug criminals on it.

"You want to live in Wayne County and sell drugs, got news for you, you'll be caught sooner or later," said Wayne County Sheriff John Farrior.

Working hand in hand the Wayne County sheriff's office and Waynesboro Police Department carefully crafted that list. On it were 20 names, 13 of them now taken off the list and off the streets. Seven are currently being sought after, all of them on drug charges ranging from Xanax to crack cocaine. For others, Sheriff Farrior says it's just a matter of time.

"A lot of people call and asked if they were on the list, so they know that we're coming, sooner or later they know they're going to get caught and if your name wasn't on the list, then guess what, maybe the next time it will be," said Sheriff Farrior.

Bonds were set for the suspects at $25,000 on each individual count.

One of the driving points and advantages with this round up is community policing. About have the names on the list came through tips from folks living in the area.

"If you care about where you live, you will surely call because it might be your child that falls into this trap or doing drugs or even pushing drugs," said Sheriff Farrior.

As part of his campaign for office back in 2000 Sheriff Farrior says he made a promise to clean up the county's drug problem and he plans to keep that promise.

"It's an ongoing process," said Sheriff Farrior. "We swore that we would up hold the law and bring drug dealers to justice and that's what we're doing."

Since October of last year until now, 130 drugs arrests have been made in the county.

"We're not going to quit," said Farrior.  "We're going to fight this thing just as long as we possibly can."

Farrior says drugs are a big problem in the county, increasingly so with prescription drugs.

"We can't get to everybody at the same time, but there's probably 50 more people out there in Wayne County that's selling drugs and my promise to them is I'm going to leave the light on for you. I'm like motel 6, I'm going to leave the light on because eventually we are going to get you," said Sheriff Farrior.

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