Love is in the air, not this fall says weathercaster Rex Thompson

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This fall much of the area has been without those pesky pests that typically visit us twice a year, love bugs. Seven on your side's Rex Thompson was on a mission Monday to find out where they are.

Rex spoke with Southern Miss assistant professor of biology and bug expert Dr. Donald Yee.

"Love bug larva occur in the habitats that are in grassy areas and those larva are actually consuming dead plant material," said Yee. So they actually decompose that material and they put the nutrients back into the soil. It's important for those larva to then have some type of moisture available and any time you get a lack of moisture that can cause the death of those larva and in turn we get lower populations of the adults."

Rex also wanted to know how the lack of love bugs is affecting the car wash businesses in the area so he stopped by Rain Forest Car Wash on Hardy Street and spoke with employee A.J. Butler.

"Well this year we've been looking forward to the love bugs you know because that's pretty much our business this time of year," said Butler. But the love bugs haven't come so their definitively is not love in the air."

Rex says as long as the high pressure continues to dominate the middle of the country keeping us hot and dry, there is little chance we will any of those pesky love bugs this time around.

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