"Nathan's Law" gathering support for 2011

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The family of a Jones County boy who was stuck and killed by a driver as he was stepping off his school bus last year is stepping up efforts to pass legislation to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. Lori and Andy Key, the parents of Nathan Key, are hoping their bill, "Nathan's Law," will become law during the upcoming legislative session.

It would strengthen the state's existing law against passing a stopped school bus. Today, the Keys were part of, "Project Safe Child," a community event at South Central Place in Laurel.  They welcomed visitors to a display which included information about the bill.

Last December, their son, Nathan, was killed when Dominic Gebben ran over him as he was getting off of his school bus in front of his home. Gebben was convicted and sentenced to prison.

"Nathan's Law" passed unanimously in the Senate earlier this year, but died in the House.

"There were lots of people that came through and came down today, everybody was very supportive and real interested in it and similar to Lori and I, everyone was completely dumbstruck that it did not pass last year," said Andy Key.

"A lot of the people that came through and do support us and support the law throughout the State of Mississippi, are absolutely sickened that this law did not get passed last session and they will be there to support us and rally and help us get this passed this session," said Lori Key.

"The Keys say this year's version of "Nathan's Law" will be the same as last year's.

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