WDAM Viewpoint - Southern Miss Cuts

Sometimes it's really tough being the boss.  That is especially true during the toughest economic downturn in our lifetime.  You may have seen our story featuring Southern Miss President, Dr. Martha Saunders this week…and the guest editorial she did.  In it she addressed the 29 cuts in faculty and 22 eliminations of programs being made due to a $15-million shortfall in state funding for the University.

Certainly, the economy is affecting all of the educational systems in the state from the big universities to the public school systems.  But as hard as it is on the administrators who have the burden of deciding what to cut…it is obviously harder still on those who lose their jobs.

But hard times call for hard decisions.  We are fortunate indeed to have someone of the caliber of Dr. Saunders to lead the university through these troubled waters.  We have confidence in her wisdom and leadership as she does what she believes to be in the best interest for the overall health of the institution as a whole.  As she indicated in her commentary, times will get better.   When the corner is turned we believe President Saunders will have the university positioned to take advantage of better times and growth will continue.

Let us not waver in our support for a great institution that contributes so much, in so many ways, to this area.

I'm Jim Cameron and that's my Viewpoint…let us know what you think.