Family and friends thrilled for nations 1st MasterChef

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Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM) - Wednesday night Gordon Ramsey made it official by announcing that America's first master chef is from Poplarville Mississippi.

Family, friends and supporters of Whitney Miller gathered at the Alumni House in Hattiesburg to watch the FOX network reality show Master Chef finale.

"I was like reliving the moment! Tears just filled my eyes. It was so intense."

It was a surreal moment for Whitney Miller filled with a few words that have changed her life.

Whitney's childhood friend Lara Frierson was in a state of shock as her named was called out."I think we are all in shock because she has kept it a secret from us, I mean we have been begging her to tell us if she was the winner. We knew she tried out and she never said a single word so I couldn't be more proud of her."

Whitney's immediate family were the only people who knew she had won, her sister Leslie and brother-in-law Scott said, it was amazing to see her in action.

"I'm just ecstatic! I couldn't believe it but I knew that she had all the potential to do it."

" The future for Whitney is wide open. She is a great girl, she's got a great talent and great food. She is young and the sky is the limit."

Whitney not only won the title of America's first master chef, she is also $250,000 richer and about to start working on cook book filled with her Cajun and southern inspired recipes.

Mom Mary Miller, is always amazed at the risks her daughter takes. "She has always had a passion for food and her winning this competition has given her the chance to show the world what she can do."

"Everybody is just waiting in line wanting to eat Whitney's food." Her father John couldn't be more proud."She is a young lady from South Mississippi that has gone after her dream. A lot of people dream but she went after it, she achieved it and that's what I am proud for."

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