Lumberton votes to approve $1.1 million budget

By Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) - Lumberton city officials voted 2-1 Tuesday to approve a budget of $1.1 million.  Two of the alderman were not present for the vote.

Consequently, there will be pay cuts to many city employees including the mayor and aldermen.

The mayor's salary may be cut from $600 dollars a month, to $1 a month along with the aldermen, which make $500 dollars a month. These cuts will take place Oct. 5.

Other cuts include creating uniform pay for police officers at $12.50 an hour, which means two officers will actually get a .50 cent raise while four will lose $2 an hour. The chief's pay will be cut by 4.5 percent.

One deputy clerk's position will be eliminated while the others will be cut to $7.35 an hour. The city clerk is the only position not getting a pay cut. The aldermen also approved a 50 cent cut from public worker's pay.

Mayor Miriam Holder voiced her concern about some of the salary cuts.  She says she does have veto power but has not indicated if she will use it.

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