WDAM Viewpoint- Salute to Jon Mark Weathers

September 8, 2010

As a young lawyer Jon Mark Weathers ran for, won and served as the District Attorney for Forrest and Perry counties.  He then went to work for a  private firm for a number of years…but never lost the zeal for public service.

Nearly two terms ago, Weathers walked away from a successful private law practice and once again entered the public arena by successfully running again for District Attorney.

Upon taking office, the challenges were many.  The back log of cases was high and deep.  He really needed more help than was allocated for assistants.  But he did what he set out to do.  He shouldered the load and working long hours started chopping away at the mountain of work facing him—an over-wrought calendar of cases that was slowing justice down in Forrest and Perry counties.

Not only did he accomplish what he set out to do in dispensing of long over due legal issues…he administered law and justice in an admirable and highly professional way.  A couple of years back tragedy struck in his personal life when he and his wife Peggy lost one of their sons to cancer.

Yesterday, Jon Mark Weathers announced that he was resigning as D.A. after seven and a half years in order to spend more time with his family.  He leaves the office and the system in good shape and has established a legacy of top notch law enforcement.  Viewpoint salutes Jon Mark Weathers for his service to our area and he leaves office with our gratitude and thanks for a job well done.

I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's viewpoint…as always, let us hear from you.