Hattiesburg emergency responders learn life saving skills

By: Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg  Emergency First Responders were busy Friday learning rescue and emergency drills that could save a life.

The first responders put their skills to the test in a 55 hour training course at the American Red Cross in Hattiesburg. They performed emergency techniques in two minute rescue drills.

They are learning rescue breathing, C-P-R and the use of a bag valve mask for adults, children and infants. Bill Powe, Director of Health and Safety says the responders put their skills to use during a moulage training exercise, where the scene and wounds seemed very real.

"The final skills scenario will be a scenario that we've created to give a realistic injury or emergency situation and they're going to be responding to that emergency without knowing what is coming ahead of time," said Powe.

Staff Sergeant Butler says having more realistic training will make their learning experience better.

"You know, I think if you put a realistic touch to the actual wounds and what they would actually see in real life that makes a big difference and impact on their training," said Butler.

After the first responders complete their training they will be first responder instructors.

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