Johnson and Johnson DePuy recalls hip implant

By Sheri Falk - bio | email | Twitter

Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM) - Johnson & Johnson DePuy has recalled one of it's artificial hip products.

Southern Bone and Joint Surgeon Dr. Richard Conn said, "parts like these undergo extensive scrutiny, very tight regulatory control and very intense clinical trials. However, in some cases things don't go according to plan."

DePuy announced the voluntary recall  in late August, after determining the device had a 12% failure rate.

"Conn said, according to the company's statistics  one out of eight people that have had the ASR hip will have to have that hip redone within the next five years."

That is because the ball of the hip implant doesn't fit into the socket properly,  leaving patients with early deterioration and a high rate of pain.

"The concern is, with the lack of a proper fit, wear of the part would create inflammation in the joint which results in pain." and Conn adds, even if a person had been doing well for a year or two  they could all of a sudden feel  pain or ache even experience limited mobility."

The good news is, folk's who have undergone  hip surgery in the Pine Belt won't be needing a replacement.

" Folk's basically south of Jackson shouldn't be at risk. Conn stressed, surgeons at S.B.J. as well as the other surgeons in Hattiesburg and down to the coast do not use this particular device. So the potential for a recall or redo operation does not exist in these patients."

If you do have a hip implant and are experiencing pain and limited mobility Conn suggests consulting with your surgeon.

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