Bill passed to ban "spice" state wide

By: Karrie Leggett

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)- Spice, K2, Mojo, Incense whatever you want to call it, the substance is now in the process of being banned state wide. Sgt. Michael Reaves says local authorities are ready to put an end to the substance.

"We are actually really glad to see it pass, because we have been seeing a lot of it with our minors that obviously disturbed us. The affects of it are similar to marijuana and hopefully it will give us a tool to add to our arsenal to combat this type thing," said Reaves.

The bill's provisions mirror the penalties of those in the marijuana statue. Offenders may be imprisoned for up to three years and fined up to three thousand dollars for possession.

Another bill provision is that retailers must stop selling spice and similar products immediately, and they have until October 1st to get those back to distributors.

Reaves believes these provisions are the right punishment and once retailers have the official warning there will be no second chances.

"Obviously, we are going to follow the letter of the law. We are going to enforce the law as it is put on the books. The consequences are the consequences," said Reaves.

The bill now goes to the governor for his signature.