Katrina: Five years later, our viewers share their memories

We asked you to share your memories on our Facebook page, and here are some of the things you told us:

I remember how we had to cook outside on the grill, and people were just coming up asking if they could put their meat and other food on the grill even if they did not know you. It was ironic because a neurosurgeon asked to grill his lamb o...n our grill, and he sat down during the wait and we had a regular conversation. No one status mattered during the aftermath of Katrina, survival was the only thing that mattered. Secondly, the next thing that I remember mostly is how long we waited in line for gas like all day and still didn't get gas at that particular station. We had to go on the side service road behind Wendy's on 49 to get gas at station on that side.

My most memorable moment was during Katrina, My now Ex-hubsand and I was at my mom, she had a huge ceder tree in the front yard and a cinnimon tree in the back that could have passed for a fallen limb stuck in the ground, My ex and my bothe...r was in the kitchen window watching the small tree being tossed back and forth leaning to the brink and snapping back only to lean to lean to other side guilded by wind waiting on it to fall when we heard a loud crash in the front went to the door and and the tree that had stood there strong for years was laying on the ground split in half (my ex had just moved our car from under that tree a hour before b/c my mom said he need to, it was like she knew) I knew we would bounce back from this then b/c it was like God was reminding us it is not always the leaning tree that falls!
How long the day of Katrina's arrival seemed to last. We drove nearly to Shreveport before finding a place to spend the night; most of the way our pomeranian barked nonstop. Returned home next afternoon to find our home under a huge oak t...ree. Spent next 2-1/2 weeks without electricity. HOT! We were so happy when a fire truck delivered water and ice. Armed Air Force police keeping order at the ong lines at the gas station. How good the fish from 'Catfish One' tasted a few days after the storm when they re-opened in Ellisville. Getting a perscription re-filled by candle light at Therrell Drugs (even though the bottle was from Don's Drugs).. We were so thankful that our relatives scattered round Jones, Covington, and Simpson County had all survived and were uninjured (in body if not in property)..
I remember standing on my front porch and watching pine trees fall, I was amazed at seeing the effects of a hurricane as it was happening in real time. Most bad weather seems to happen at night. We live in a small town about 3 hours from the Gulf and it wasn't as bad as it was closer. We did lose power for several days but we were blessed to have a generator. Some family members came to stay with us. We went outside and formed a line holding hands and kinda leaned forward to see how the winds would hold us up.
I remember driving to Hburg the day after, all the trees on 59. All of our neighbors putting aside differences and helping each other. We were super blessed to have never lost water and to have gotten power back in only 2-3days(thank goodness for underground power, and being soo close to hburg/laurel reg airport) I also remember driving to Kokomo a couple of days after to check on my folks, because I was soo worried. Will NEVER forget Katrina!!
Being without power for 17 days.. I was the Manager of Vic's Biscuit Kitchen in Laurel and we fed the entire Power Co breakfast and lunch everyday.. Dixie Electric & the others who were here from other states working with Dixie Electric.. I...t was a task to get to get to work t 3 am every morning with no power, which meant no hot water.. But we came together as a community and got thru it.. And I'll never forget that afternoon when I saw the power truck coming down my driveway.. Finally, life was getting back to normal.. I can't believe its been 5 years!
It was my mom's 62 bithday... We had three small kids (1, 3,& 5 yrs) had to do breathing treatment for 2 by hooking the machine to a converter that pluged to c.lighter in the car... my husband made a fan out of a chevy truck blower motor, ...1 gallon bucket, extention cord and a car battery this moved the air in the tent that we sleep in ( it was cooler in it than the mobile home we had) BUT TO ME THE MOST MEMORABLE THING THAT HAPPENED WAS THAT GOD OPENED OUR EYES AND SHOWED EVERY ONE IN THE SOUTH THAT NO MATTER THE MONEY THE NICE HOUSE NICE CAR ECT THAT WE ARE ALL HIS MERCY. AND HE MADE US EQUAL for a while .. WE HAD TO SURVIVE AND I AM VERY PROUD THAT WE AS MISSISSIPPIANS COULD BAND TOGETHER AND SEE IT OUT.. I AM JUST SORRY THAT NEW ORLEANS COULD NOT WORK TOGETHER LIKE US .."Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.. God showed us how to do this again
I remember the heat and going down to the river to cool off and take a bath. The worst thing for me was not knowing if my friends were ok. We were able to reach some family and find out that all the family in Seminary has made it through be...fore we lost the phones completely. My now ex husband and I had come to petal from Louisiana and it took almost a week just to get the gas to get home. I was thankful that I was with my mom & dad and that everyone was safe. I remember hearing the stories of those who were so much more unfortunate than us. It's crazy how everything is either 'before Katrina' or 'after Katrina' because NOTHING is the same
I remember standing on my moms back porch watching trees blow over and looking down at the shingles flying off my doublewide wondering how long it would stand. I remember afterwards trying to ride around and look at the damage and couldn't ...because the road was blocked both ways! A couple days later I remember how our littly town of sanford came together and opened the community center to hand out boxes of food and water and bags of ice. We also collected supplies for people on the coast who had less than us. I remember the national guard flying in and landing right behind the community center with boxes of MRE's! The kids thought it was just awesome to see that big helicopter and meet the service men. I remember the "love bugs" were terribleand is trying to cook meals outside to feed the community!I guess all in all in the heart of the disaster I remember how kind everyone was to one another and how we all came together and help out our neighbor!
Living in Japan at the time and talking to my parents on the phone as the storm was gearing up, going to sleep (night in Japan is day in the US), then waking up and not being able to get in touch with my family in Hburg for several days. C...ontacted someone in my parents neighborhood via an online listserve set up for the purpose of contacting people in the area, they drove to their house and checked on them and sent me a message that they were ok. My husband and I felt utterly useless and worried being so far away,his family also lives in Hattiesburg. But the amazing support of friends and coworkers in Japan was humbling.
The endless gestures of kindness shown to folks some didn't even know or like.plus the fact that my husband left the house as soon as the storm passed to take gas to the power company trucks so they could help everybody else get power and then his truck broke down in the middle of no where and had to sleep in his truck that nite because he couldn't leave the propane truck to get help.
It was September, but we were not in school. We waited for over two weeks for the power to be restored. I asked one of the SPEPA workers what I could do for him, and all he wanted was a cold glass of water. We bathed in the creek and cooked over a propane burner for 17 days. My husband went around the community distributing food until late in the night.
everyone was at my house but me had to take care of patients at pinegrove drove everyday with a broken window in the back of my car they ate hot meals everyday at pinegrove we cooked in the heat with no air on gas stoves so u know how hot it was but we did it. and they ate good! THANKS PINEGROVE STAFF FOR THE HARD WORK WE DONE.
The large pines that were uprooted by the winds. The massive amount of love bugs after the fact. The story about the guy shooting his sister over a bag of ice! Gas station lines...they were amazingly long as far north as Jackson. We waited for gas over 2 hours one day to fill up. The fact that gas stations had to limit gas purchases to $20 a customer.
Watching how the country acted like New Orleans was the only place devastated by the hurricane. How media focused on New Orleans with the Mississippi Gulf coast as a side note.
For us it was the whole family gathering in my mom's carport where we could cook and eat, and then everyone coming to take cold showers by candlelight at our house. But the very best- was watching the grandkids fall asleep on the blankets under the stars every night. We had lots of quiet conversations in the dark- and it was so quiet- except for the generators here and there.
my filipino husband teaching my children how to make dried fish to preserve it as we didn't have a generator....frustrated with red cross when they would not allow us water or ice the first 2 days... reserved only for people in shelter, listening to radio newscasters trying to describe the damage and yet not being able to imagine or comprehend the total devastation.....
I think for me the most memorial moment for me is, before hurricane katrina hit everybody was so selfish with one an other. People wasn't sticking together. But after the hurricane hit I say people helping people. Sharing homes,food,water...,clothing, and some household product. It was great to see the community come together. I remember I was in the grocery store getting ready to checkout. I was behind this elderly couple and they had run out of money to pay for their grocery so I paid for it. I didn't do it to be a hero I done it out of the kindness of my heart. They offered me what they had and I told them no thanks and God bless. I never even told nobody about this until now imagined if everyone think like that all over the world this would be a better place
So many families in the community I live in had no generators. So as a close net community and a rural one at that many of us rode our 4-wheelers with chain saws strapped to the back and cut paths down our roads so that we could check on lo...ved one and friends. Back to the point of many not having generators, as deep freezers thawed the meats on top thawed first. Many people would gather at a residence around grills and cookers and cook very large amounts of foods that people had brought from there deep freezers that had thawed that day. The food was cooked with a good heart and knowing that many would eat and gather. Friends and family would talk the evening away n watch there children play together. All the while counting our blessings! Eventually most would end up at the creek for a dip and much needed cooling off before retiring to our dark homes with our windows open to either play cards till friends left or go to bed. The big pots of gumbo that could and did feed an army, and the helping hands of friends is an unforgettable Katrina memory that will be with me forever. Of course the destruction is well documented for generations to come but the sense of compassion and simplicity that was experienced during the aftermath of the storm is what many who have never even phantomed such devestation could ever guess come from such a massive storm.
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