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WDAM Viewpoint- Katrina's 5th Anniversary

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August 24, 2010

Five years ago this week South Mississippi was tested by what has been dubbed the greatest natural disaster to hit the United States.  Hurricane Katrina scored a bull's eye on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with terrible winds, rain, and a 30 foot storm surge.  Some of the towns on the coast were literally wiped off the map and the terrible storm made a beeline 60 or 70 miles north and pummeled the Pine-Belt area even worse than Camille did decades before.

Everyone one seems to associate Katrina most with New Orleans.  All the glitterati in Hollywood and New York apparently think they bore the brunt.  What happened in New Orleans was the fault of inept and corrupt politicians past and present.  They took federal money designated to shore up the levies and diverted it to their own interests.  They failed to evacuate their people when warned and begged to do so.  From the Governor to the Mayor of New Orleans they seemed paralyzed by fear and lack of leadership ability.

The people of New Orleans suffered greatly because of it.  But had the local and state government done their job both prior to and during the storm…New Orleans would not have had the tragedy they experienced…heart-breaking though it was.

Mississippi bore the true brunt of the actual storm.  Everything that could be done…was done before, during and after.  We stuck together and built back.  I've never been prouder of Mississippi and her people than in the aftermath of Katrina.  We didn't wait for someone else…we helped each other.  Yet even the President is commemorating Katrina in New Orleans—where they had a levy problem while we were hit by the hurricane.  I just don't understand.  I'm Jim Cameron…and we'd like to hear what from you.