Viewpoint - 14th Amendment

The United States has an illegal immigrant problem, of that there can be no doubt.  A porous border to our south, mismanaged by self-serving politicians of both parties, ensures that the issue will, no doubt, worsen before it improves.

Mississippi and a number of other states may soon see their legislatures voting to follow Arizona's lead out of frustration over the lack of action on the part of the Federal government.  If we can't, or won't, protect and defend our own borders as throngs of illegal's swarm over the price of our inaction will only mushroom the way our national debt already has.  And not just in money.

However, I get very nervous when either side of the political spectrum starts talking about changing or reinterpreting the constitution.  Lately, we've heard a lot of talk about changing the 14th Amendment.  Adopted in 1868, the main thrust of the amendment is that anyone born in the United States is automatically a citizen of our country.  People have recently found a lot of room to dance on the head of that pin.

But we should always be extremely prudent when attempting to bend the constitution to suit the wants and needs of the day…whether coming from the left or right of the political spectrum.

We need to look first to batten down our borders and clamp down on those who enter illegally before looking to change or redefine our constitution.  I'm Jim Cameron…write and let me know what you think.

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