Viewpoint- Fame's the Game

August 18, 2010

The late pop artist Andy Warhol, a bit of a nut job himself—perhaps most famous for his painting of a can of Campbell's soup—said that one day everyone would have 15 minutes of fame.  Andy knew a little about popular notoriety and no-doubt accurately touched on something in the American psyche that absolutely worships fame.  Fame at any cost.  Fame for any reason.

Gossip shows and tabloids make tons of money reporting on the notorious and then glory in their downfall.   The major television and cable networks make a hefty contribution to the phenomenon as do magazines and the Internet.

Whether it's  "Balloon Boy", Lindsey Lohan's self serving ole daddy, or the most recent instant celebrity "Wacked out flight attendant" we just can't get enough…at least for a few days.  Can you believe that a flight attendant loosing his cool, cussin' out the passengers after a long flight, grabbing a couple of beers and releasing the emergency blow up air slide thing and sliding down it would become the latest headline grabbing celebrity.  They are calling him a folk hero and you can hardly escape his picture.  Of course, I can't remember his name…and I doubt if you can either.  That's alright though, because he's already a has-been.  Last week's news.  We're getting ever closer to the 15 minute time limit on fame.  I'm Jim Cameron and I'm on TV.  Isn't that special?